Three Ways to Eat the Elephant of Technical Debt

Three Ways to Eat the Elephant of Technical Debt

This article explores the challenges of trying to overcome technical debt that we have accrued after a period of being stuck in a SaaS MVP Black Hole. This article is intended for small SaaS companies who are not necessarily startups from a time-in-business perspective, and are in a mature market space where the optimal operating…

The “Why”

The justification for embarking upon an organizational development effort (i.e. to work on the business), which determines the resources and priority allocated to the breadth (the “what“), depth (the “how“) and the urgency (the “when“) of delivering a solution. The “why” is often driven by a combination of stakeholders, including functional practitioners, visionary practitioners and…

The “When”

The timespan between the moment that a need has been defined for a human endeavor (the “what“) and the moment that technology has been fashioned (the “how“) to serve that endeavor. The “when” is most often executed by sequential practitioners.