Tactical Effort

Effort focused on executing against a known challenge or adversary. This type of effort is concerned with the effectiveness of execution using tools, skills and methods. The cognitive context involves a focus on details and fundamentals as opposed to the bigger picture.

Strategic Effort

Effort focused on analyzing a sought future state or outcome and then evaluating, reasoning and selecting the potential way(s) that this outcome could be reached. This type of effort requires a analytical cognitive context for a person developing the outcome while working alone; and entails participation in collective reasoning and decision-making rituals when working as…

Technical Debt

Future cost accrued when past-and-present shortcuts are taken from a technical perspective, including those in design or use of infrastructural components that are suboptimal. Manifests as a present cost beared by technical practitioners, the payments of which come in the form of maintenance due to breakdowns, poor system performance and slowed delivery/deployment cycles.

Functional Debt

Future cost associated with past-and-present shortcuts taken from a functional perspective, including lack-of-investment in: sufficient analysis of business risk, change management, business rules, process modeling and full understanding of customer needs Manifests as a cost in the present, beared by functional practitioners, the payments of which come in the form of limitations on innovation and…