Who does D’Mention Systems typically work with?

Our clients are technology startups that have between 50 and 300 employees and a gross revenue between $10 million and $60 million.

Our clients are faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Since we are not quite big enough to have dedicated product development teams, the same staff members tasked with supporting our clients are also burdened with building our products
  • We struggle to retain top functional talent (i.e. project managers, product owners), and they leave to join more mature firms
  • We struggle to retain top technical talent (i.e. developers, engineers), and they leave due to the chaos of context switching
  • We struggle to retain departmental leadership (i.e. directors, VPs), and they leave due to burn-out
  • We struggle to hit organizational objectives (i.e. OKRs) because interdepartmental dependencies do not get served cross-functionally
  • When dev team members leave us, it is costly to recover in terms of technical debt, morale degradation and the ongoing recruiting burden
  • We have realized an inflection point where it is time to overhaul our approach to developing technical products and executing project work

Does your organization face any of these challenges?

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