Anchor Post – Balance

Welcome to my anchor post on balance.

I commonly observe leaders approaching business development as if there is a foreknown absolution about prescriptions and outcomes.

This becomes evident when we begin to approach change by casually prescribing things like management frameworks, workflow tools and philosophies from entrepreneurship and business leadership books as though they were silver bullets.

This can devolve into a habit of making hasty decisions that are exclusionary and/or dismissive, i.e., this is good, that is bad.

In this blog post series, I offer that business development is not so black-and-white, but instead that it can be approached with philosophy that serves as a prism for understanding the prevailing spectrums that cut across the whole of our business endeavors.

Every energy spectrum in nature has ends, like with visible light where red renders at one end of the spectrum, and violet at the other. The secret to great art lives in the vast tapestry of hues and colors that exists across the spectrum’s divide, rather than at any particular wavelength.

This blog series is based on a philosophical platform that I co-founded called Humanity Economics, which explores the ultimate energy spectrum of business — the energy of value. Humanity Economics examines the spectrum of our human energy that infuses economic things, rendered via our mental effort at one end, and our physical effort at the other.

The inspiration for this blog series is deeply personal for me, and it is compelled by my artistically-inclined alter ego. In the end, I hope to connect the abstract art of creating value out of technology with the practical realm of building a business.

Thank you for allowing me to share, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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